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Diploma thesis correction - online calculations

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Correction work on SuperVazby includes:

  • We make revisions in the form of revisions that you can accept or reject
  • Fixing language errors
  • Repair of stylistic errors
  • Correcting or completing formatting in Word
  • Set headings correctly
  • Creating the right content
  • Best prices for proofreading
  • Correction processing within 3 business days

Upload File(s) to Correction (step 1 of 3)

Upload one or more Microsoft Word files here. The price is calculated according to the number of standard pages , to be corrected. To the number of pages enter the total number of pages in the file and then select the pages to skip.
You can also partially correct the text, if you have the job done for the most part, you can only send us a piece of paper for proofreading and leave it to rest.

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Select pages that are not to be reviewed

Attention:pages are counted from the first page in the uploaded PDF file, not from the first page with numbering.

For example, if you mark 2 and 3 means that the 2nd and 3rd pages of the file will not be corrected