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Corrections of diploma and bachelor´s theses SuperVazby.cz

SuperVazby.cz nabízí online objednávku jazykové korektury diplomových a bakalářkých prací. Korektury provádí tým profesionálních a vyškolených korektorů.

Pricelist of language and stylistic proofs SuperVazby.cz

Service Price with VAT
Classical correction 25 Kč / standard page
Expression correction 35 Kč / standard page
Title correction and content creation 149 Kč

Our proofreading includes?

Proofreading is done through revisions, you can accept or reject any revision. Our proofreaders primarily check the following in your work:

  • grammatical errors (especially i/y, mě/mně, s/z, n/nn, ě/je, match of subject and verb, ending of nouns and adjectives, declension, capital lettering and punctuation)
  • errors (such as typos, word splitting, prepositions, etc.)
  • formatting of texts, footnotes, pictures and tables (eg. Text alignment, font type, inconsistent edges, inappropriate highlighting, etc.)
  • typographic errors (incorrect use of dashes, hyphens and other characters, check for double spaces)
  • missing page numbering
  • incorrect numbering of chapters, subchapters, pictures, etc.
  • numbering and naming of Images, spreadsheets, formulas, etc.
  • stylistics (inappropriate wording, overall continuity and text consistency)
  • the sentences are either too long or only bare sentences are used
  • spoken, local, slang, dialect, etc. are used
  • Numbers up to ten should be written in words (numerical lists, etc.)
  • Deficiencies in formatting at the beginning and at end of a page: a separate title, a separate first line in a paragraph, a split word at the end of a page; separate description of an image, last line of a paragraph, part of a title, etc.

For quotes and citations, our proofreaders only check their formal reqirements, not the factual accuracy (content) of the cited quote.

For each work, we put emphasis on unified style of texts and graphics.

If you wish to have content generated from us, the proofreader will unify your headings to styles according to the appropriate formatting and then generate the content, standard is with three levels.

What our proofreaders do not offer?

We can not check for accuracy of chemical, mathematical and other formulas, tables, and charts. It is not possible to check the factual accuracy of quotes.