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Binding and printing of bachelor, diploma and dissertation papers Liberec

Enter bindings and print your bachelor, diploma or dissertation online from your computer, mobile, or tablet. You can pick up your work at a branch in the center of Liberec. Please note: we do not have an express surcharge! Speed is our standard. We also offer delivery by a courier from a central factory throughout the Czech Republic.

  • Enter work online from your computer or mobile
  • You will be informed about the status of the job by SMS
  • Pick up at a branch in Liberec

Choose from colors and types of boards

Linen sheets (from 315 Kč)

Black (P37)

Dark Blue (P19)

Wine (P12)

Do you need to deliver your work home or take a job in another city? Within three days you will have it in your hands..

Delivery speed

Speed Surcharge Surcharge
Within 2 business days included
Within 1 business day included


Linen sheets 315 Kč
Boards in advance 315 Kč
The number of lines on the boards 5 rows
Price for each additional line 36 Kč
Black and white print A4 2.4 Kč
Color print A4 8.7 Kč

The prices are incl. VAT.
See full pricelist


  • Within 15 minutes walking distance from the faculties

Order online from your computer or mobile

Boards in advance

Write to the last minute, ready-made boards are waiting for you.

  • you reprint the reprint via the web
  • you can bring signed entries and your own sheets

I want boards

Bind and print together

You have everything done, just print, bind and surrender. And to defend it.

  • you can bring signed entries and your own sheets
  • once the job is done, we will send you an SMS

I want binding and printing

Other branches and courier delivery

We are the most common bonding and printing service in the Czech Republic. Our branches are located in each university city.