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Price boards and bindings work - Prague 3 (Lucemburská), 6 (Dejvická), 7 (Komunardů)

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Desks Price with VAT
Leather imitation

Sample of skin

The most popular variant of classic bonding. The boards are covered with so called jipax, which looks like a skin. The lyrics are embossed on the boards manually.

190 Kč
Boards in advance

We use the Metalbind canal bond if you only want to make sheets in advance and then let the sheets click on them.

190 Kč
Surcharge for next line of excavation:
20 Kč
Surcharge for spindle spindle:
60 Kč
Ring binding

The most common for tying documents or script. The foil is also part of the workpiece, which makes it possible to see the first page of the printed work.

30 Kč
The backbone is possible from about 75 pages of range.

Print page costs

Print Price with VAT
Color print - A4 8 Kč
Black and white print - A4 1.5 Kč
Color print - double-sided A4 16 Kč
Black and white print - double-sided A4 3 Kč
Higher paper quality - 100g/m2 + 1,5 Kč (write it in case of interest)
Barevné a černobílé strany je možné libovolně kombinovat.

Delivery times

Time Price with VAT
Within 36 hours no extra cost
Express processing up to 4 hours on business day 200% surcharge

Additional services

Other services Price with VAT
Kapsa na přílohy A5

Kapsa na přílohy

If you need to add attachments to your work, we recommend a plastic document pocket. Size of the pocket can be adjusted to number of pages.

15 Kč
Transparent pocket on CD

Pocket on CD

If you need to attach a CD to your work, we recommend adding a pocket to the CD that will protect it. The pocket is a transparent PVC, with 1 CD in it.

15 Kč
Burning work or other files on a CD
50 Kč
Replacing 1 worksheet (up to 2 hours)
20 Kč

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