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1. I want the color of the boards I do not see in the branch offer. How do I do that?

We offer a wide range of color plates at a branch in Olomouc. You can choose from up to 20 different colors. At other branches, we offer plates in standard colors. If Olomouc is far away, do not mind. We send the work to a courier all over the Czech Republic, both to your address and to the supply points.

2. I am a little afraid to solve such an important thing through online ordering.

We understand. Itis a milestone. We could say in many words that there is no need to worry. We wouldd rather offer you reviews of our customers. It is a shame you can not see us when we answer your questions. Always with a smile. Have you ever been talking to your operator on a customer line at 9am?

3. I let you make the boards in advance. Now I need to print a job. How do I do that?

In the e-mail message, you have received a unique code from us, which you put in the box that appears when you type in the printed boards. Then you will upload the document ideally in PDF format and send the order. And you can go to the branch to pick up the job.

4. In what format can I upload my work?

You can upload your work in any format, but we recommend using the PDF format as the only one that ensures that the content of the work is printed as you prepare it.

You can save PDFs from almost any program like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Mac Pages, and more.

If you have a job written in Microsoft Word 2010 or higher, click Save -> Save as PDF to save it to PDF.

Uložení práce v Microsoft Word do PDF.

In the Save As window, select Save As Type PDF Format.

Uložení práce v Microsoft Word do PDF.

You can also save files to a PDF using virtual printers, such as PDF Creator - http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator.

5. How can I add another different link to one order?

Enter the first link and put it in the basket. You can then continue to add more work.

6. I want to have a seminar printed and I do not need a firm bond. Do you offer cheaper variants?

Yes. In addition to bonding to rigid boards, we also offer printing and bonding to ring bonds. This bond is the best option in terms of price / performance. And the same applies to papers.

7. Do I need to complete "one-shot" order?

You do not have to. Simply place your order in the cart. It will remain here for 14 days. During this time, you can return to completion from the same device where you placed your order.

8. What is the opening hours of branches and dispensaries?

Each branch has a short description in which you will find both opening hours and payment options. The same applies to the dispensing points. You can find a complete list of branches and outlets with their opening hours and payment options here.

9. I need work done today. Is it with you?

Yes, but you will have to get up. The job must be entered by 9:00 on the working day. The pickup will be ready at the afternoon´s office.

But if you do not want to "get nervous", order the Boards in advance. Printing and binding work is just a matter of a few minutes.

10. When do I have to place an order at the latest so I have my pick up work done on XY Day?

You always see an indicative delivery date when entering a job. Terms may vary from one branch to another. That´s why we recommend: Make your boards ready in advance. Printing and binding work is then only 10-15 minutes. Of course, this recommendation does not apply to lovers of adrenaline.

11. Can I bring my own printed sheets?

Well, of course you can, but the condition is that you already have the boards in advance. On the other hand, why would you do that? This is the same as going to a candy store with a grandmother´s cake. Note:Not all color variants of the boards are possible. We recommend that you use the ordering of the board, record the file and go to the branch office.

12. Can I bring files to my flash drive?

You can, but it is much easier to enter a reprint from the house, upload a file and go to work to pick up. It has another advantage. You may lose the flash drive, the order will definitely not be lost.

13. I had my work ready to be picked up today, I did not receive an e-mail, and I see that it is still not ready.

The reason is always the only one. We are just humans and sometimes forget to just click the button. If you are the one that happened to you, accept our apology, but first contact us at +420 778 114 511 or podpora@supervazby.cz. We will review the situation by return and let you know the secret that the work is waiting for you.

14. I made a mistake in my order. What with this?

Rule 1: Do not panic.

Rule 2: Call us +420 778 114 511 or write us at podpora@supervazby.cz.

Rule 3: You are not the only one to happen.

Rule 4: Sometimes we come to the mistake before you and we immediately contact you.

Rule 5: Do not rely on Rule Four. Sometimes the bug is so well hidden that we can not find it in such a short time. That´s why Rule 6 applies.

Rule 6: Call us or write as soon as you know it.

Rule 7: If the job is already done, we can not correct the error without losing the flower. So always check everything you are entering.

15. Why do I have to fill in the phone number and e-mail in the order?

Because you definitely want to use our full-service 4.0. And besides: In order to apply Rule 4 of the previous question, we need a working link to you.

16. Do the boards that you offer correspond to the guidelines of my school and faculty?

Each school, and sometimes every faculty, has strict requirements for the appearance of boards, row layouts, etc. Due to the large number of schools and faculties, it is not possible for us to check all the directives and all their modifications by the Rectorate or the Dean´s Office. However, we welcome your notice on the directives incl. their wording. We recommend that you check directly when printing and binding your work yourself, right in the first step of the ordering process.

17. Do I have ordered boards in advance when I have to upload the files for printing at the latest?

Every hour is good, is not it? If the records are already ready, write all night long, upload the file in the morning and you can go straight to the branch office. There you check the printed file and then check it out. Count for 10 to 15 minutes as you get there. Unfortunately, we can not influence the number of customers before you.

18. I have specific requirements. I want a different shape of the boards.

Do you also say what all the "when" can be? There is a lot and that is why: is the situation "when"? Call podpora@supervazby.cz. or write to ?

Special boards

19. Who can I contact when ...?

Do you also say what all the "when" can be? There is a lot and that is why: is the situation "when"? Call +420 778 114 511 or write to podpora@supervazby.cz.